Monday, December 28, 2009

My Girl

28/12/2009 11.57 pm

Horey!!!!!!!!!! I finished watching My Girl AGAIN…..huhuhuhuhu… well, I am so glad my bro copied it from his friend.. but he missed episode 8…..!!!! Well, my mum also watched it..

Looks like she gotten more emotional than me…hehehehehe…. But I am so happy I can share drama that I SARANGHAE with my mum… yuhuuuuuuuu…… I learned some of Korean language…. Hehehehhe….. xp

Evenhough I already watched it on TV, but it was few years ago, so I barely remember it’s plot.. This makes me really enjoying myself when I was watching…..hehehehehe

And…………… IM NOT CRYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Huahuhauhauhauhauhauhua……. My mum does, but NOT me….hehehehe…… (may be this is prove that I am NOT a cry baby..hihihihi… and too EMO…haha)

Most liked in this drama is the ARTISTS!!!! Hihihi… I am a BIG FAN of LEE JOON KI~ I don’t have to tell why…hehehehe ^____________________^=

Also actress that play role as Joo Yuu Rin…hehehehehehe… because her acting looks sooO ReaLLL! And she really QAWAII (cute in JAPANESE) making faces…..hehhehehehe… for me, it is her that this drama become so life… if you know what I mean……

Oh gosh!!! I really LOVE Korean and Japanese Drama/Film…. I don’t know why!!!!!!? (Did I mention their artists???? Hehehe =__=)

Still, I support Malaysian Drama and Film!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hehehehehhehe…… (To encourage Malaysian music and film industry~~~~~)

Anyway, NEW YEAR is around the corner….hehehe… I really cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kombawa (thank you in Korean) for read this…. Hehehehe (^,^)/

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Gundam SEED

24/12/2009 12.12am

Huh…. Am I really a cry baby???! I watched Gundam Seed today…. It’s been so long I’d stop watching it but somehow I got feeling to continue watch it till the very end… I don’t know why..

All 50 episodes…

But the last episode makes me cried…. So many good warriors are dead.. and there are times that felt I was in the story, trying to fight for what is important to me… I don’t know what other people think (for anyone once watched Gundam Seed), for me this is really a great story.. Eventhough half of the episodes make me pissed but after that it is getting more interesting. May be the story has developed much at the other half of the story…..

Never ending war between Earth and PLANT… finally over.. Thanks to Kira Yamato, Athuran Zala and other member that contribute in this anime… Through war, all of them experiences so much… Love, hate, betrayed, lost, suffer and much more……

Also Mobile Suit was AWESOME!!!!!! From Strike to Freedom, Kira was doing a very GOOD JOB.. so as Athuran.. from Aegis to Justice..Them both are childhood friends..Then growing up in separate ways…. Meet again in unexpected circumstances… they even have to fight to each other.. At last, they rejoin as a team to stop a battle between two country that wish the same desire…. That is “for a blue sky and peace”… I I really wish people who haven seen Gundam Seed to WATCH it…

Ths makes me recall history to gain our freedom in Malaysia back in History class also in Pengajian Malaysia…… It must be so hard and painful our soldiers fight the enemy for sake of their country… I am so happy born at the time where Malaysia is already a peaceful and harmony country.. I just hope this will last longer……………

“Is there any chance to avoid war when we can sit down and have a talk?”

“Do we have to fight just because we are different?”

“I don’t want just to survive, I want to live…..”

This is all I think about when I was watching Gundam Seed.. If there is another series of this anime, PLEASE let me know. If there is another anime that you think is great or fun, can you tell me? I am seriously addicted to ANIME!!! Huhuhu… Thank you so much…….

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Azam 2010

22/12/2009   10.05pm

Hari ni aku tengok result aku selepas hampir sebulan aku submit industrial report. Pada mulanya, aku eruja mahu tahu macam mana kepuuusan aku. Sama ada bagus atau tidak. Ternyata untuk sem 7 (sem akhir) aku LULUS dengan baik. CGPA aku pun okay juga. Aku dapat 3.60 tapi ini tidak termasuk penilaian untuk sem 7. mungkin tidak sehebat kawan aku, Johan, tapi aku dah bertungkus lumus selama 2 ½ tahun ni untuk berjaya mendapatkan diploma. Memang tidak sia-sia la aku usaha selama ni.

Aku pun bersyukur pada Allah sebab aku dapat kolej dan pensyarah-pensyarah yang sangat baik dengan aku. Kawan-kawan pula akrab dan selalu tolong aku kalau aku susah.

Kadang-kadang, aku rasa aku yang selalu bagi beban untuk mereka semua. Tidak banyak yang ku boleh sumbangkan untuk kolej ataupun memberi bantuan pada kawan-kawan aku. Perangai aku ni, adakalnya aku sendiri tak faham. Bagi diorang pula, macam sudah kenal bertahun-tahun. Padahal baru juga jumpa pada awal pengajian. Pengalaman dengan diorang semua pun banyak.

Tapi aku tahu, tak semuanya kekal. Kita tidak boleh hidup pada masa silam saja. Kita harus look forward. Banyak lagi dugaan dan pengalaman yang perlu dilalui. Aku tidak boleh leka dan berasa senang dengan keadaan sekarang. Keluarga aku pun banyak bergantung harap padaku. Jadi, aku harus kuat dan berusaha untuk buat keluarga aku sentiasa gembira.

Tahun baru, azam baru, semangat baru, pengalaman baru…….. wah !!!! Tak sabar aku nak mulakan kehidupan aku di tahun 2010 !!!

Hm........ memandangkan aku duduk rumah ja pada ketika ini, aku patut kurangkan berat badan aku. Lagipun, banyak penyakit aku timbul kalau badan sudah terlebih berisi ni. Dulu, masa aku training di PLKN, aku sihat ja. Asma tiada, selsema pun kurang. Rasa bertenaga setiap masa. Tapi, sejak sudah tidak rajin bersenam, gain weight, lain pula jadinya. Nak juga jaga kesihatan diri. Jadi, keluarga aku tak payah nak risau sangat kalau aku sudah sambung belajar nanti.

Okaylah, ini adalah plan aku untuk 2010:

  1. Rajin bersenam dan diet untuk menjaga kesihatan aku.
  2. Dapatkan kerja before further study.
  3. Habiskan pembayaran tertunggak sebelum konvo.
  4. Apply MUET supaya aku boleh pass masuk U.
  5. Apply UPU. Aku target UNIMAS tapi option lain UMS, UITM dan tengok la apa lagi.. Tak nak MMU sebab kos sangat tinggi.
  6. Belajar habis- habisan untuk set parking pada sem 1 di U nanti.

Dan yang lain-lain bergantung dengan masa hadapan nanti.

Above all this, I just want to make everyone proud of me, my family happy and I could change my life better than now…

Zettai Kerashi (Absolute Boyfriend)

22/12/2009      2.15am

Okaeri, Sweet Home, kaeru basho, yeah… Ai wo arigatou

(Welcome back, Sweet Home, to our home, yeah… Thanks for your love)

Main theme of this drama, Okaeri, really suit for the drama. Melody f the song is also nice.

You know, sometimes I feel so silly. Why?

No matter how many times I watched this drama, I’ll cry. Zettai Kerashi really touches my heart. Thanks for this drama creator; I can have a chance to have this valuable memory…

There are so many good reasons why I claimed it a valuable memory to me. So I can remember and hope that THE ONE will be just like ’it’… but who am I kidding here??!

I know it just a drama, but why not? If this is in the real life event, it would be a big surprise for me. There is no way a ROBOT have feelings towards other things. Especially towards human. When I thinking of it over and over, if I have a boyfriend which turns out to be a robot, what could I do? Will I accept ‘it’ or should I just call ‘it’ as HE?

What makes it interesting?

The way Tenjo Night (robot’s name) express his love, his TRULY LOVE, s powerful till makes him overcome his program; have his own will and thoughts…… I don’t think anyone could possibly do that. Well, I’m not saying that human don’t have that, make it in different perspective.

May be I just wish my DESTINED ONE just like him… I don’t know.. I’m not sure… BUT will that happen?

He still alive and look young while we are getting older. The only thing that’s not change is his love to us.

Loyalty…..does it really exist in a relationship? Even family and friends can deceive and hurt each other feelings….. Together forever… is it will happen? Pure love… I have no answer to that.

Love takes different kind of forms. I am also felt it. What I fear is love between human being… I heard LOVING someone can be bitter and also sweet. But I most fear is person that I love is……… I couldn’t say it!!!!!!!! I can’t!!!!!

I know I’m strong, but at times, I can be really weak and fragile. Still not everyone around me understands it. Neither do I…. I realize I’m not good person enough yet. So, I’ll do my best in whatever I do. Just like Night. He would do anything as long his love ones happy.

I really hope this drama can be a happy ending instead of sad one. Well I was wrong. Why? She is so happy with him but why they couldn’t be together? Yes, that’s true. He malfunctioned. His main chip was burned out. His body can’t handle emotions and changes to himself.

“I’ll always love you..” These words were the last one he said before he kissed her goodbye while she was sleeping. I did cry more in that part of the drama. I just wish people who read this watch Zettai Kerashi.

It may looks boring to some people, well not to me. This is REALLY touching story~

Oh no! Writing this makes me want to cry.! I better stop now…>>>out

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Sad Marriage Story....

This couple just married for only FOUR HOURS..... The day that supposed to be their great happy day turn into worst......

The groom died in an accident along with his parents and a photographer.. They was on their way home for the next event for their wedding...

Car that he drove crushed with the big truck... May Allah bless them....

If that happen to me, I dont know what I'm gonna do..... How about you guys???

Thursday, December 10, 2009

hai everyone....

hehe...ever wondered why i put my title of story today is a website??? yes, a website.
this is a new website that i joined recently... this is created by my friend from India, Shakkir. I'm glad he add me as one of the web's admin... hehhehe.. Well, thank you so much, Shakkir!!!

Actualy, this is my first time.. I never manage any kind of that website before.. I usually manage my profile only at fb, fs, ms, tagged and here... So, I am a little bit excited!! lol

Anyway, anyone who wants to check it out, just visit

I am not try to push you to join.. I just wanna share what am I doing these days...

Well,m basically, I am very very bored right now. This is because I just finish my study in diploma, now I just have to wait for my results and convocation.... My friend said our result will be outnext week.. oh!!! I cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope my CGPA will be ok...huhuhuhuhu

Looking for a job??? hm.... I think about it lately... but, I must take care of our home for now... also take care of my bro n sis.. My mum still have her final exam eventough she already convo..huhuhu....
hey!! My bro just came and tell me that he saw a shooting star... oh, I wish I could see it...huhuhuhuhu.. Make a wish!!!!!! hehhehehe

okay, thats all for now... chat again soon...hehehe..... Salam!!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Konvo Mama...

alhamdulilah. my mum da konvo da... hapynya... awal lagi mama konvo dari aku...huhuhuhuhu
tapi tak apa la.. mama ambik kursus yang dianjurkan oleh Persatuan Ibu Tunggal.. so, mama kursus for 3 months.. ni ada la gambar2 kenangan ngan mama..hehe

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Lembah Impian

dalam bulan 11 lalu...ada dua birthday party dibuat dekat Lembah Impian...huhuhu..
first birthday kak adie, second lak abg Aziz....
Memang best...sebab...

1) dapat makan kek sedap.... (kak adie- kek mangga, abg Aziz - kek anggur)
2) dapat mandi swimmping pool ngan relatives....hehehehhehe

Actually, memang susah nak describe kalau dah happy kan... banyak reason kita leh happy.. kadang2, kita happy pun tak bersebab... pelik kan??/ hihihihihi

Ada la juga ambik gambr2 kenangan di sana... Tapi masa birthday abg Aziz takda take pics sebab telampau kesiokkan mandi manda...hihihihihihihihi... So, masa birthday kak adie je la ada ambik.... syukur la.,...hihihi

Friday, November 27, 2009

Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha...

Alhamdulillah, akhirnya dapat juga saya update blog saya ni. Saya sibuk sangat siapkan laporan latihan industri saya, maklumlah, kerja last minute..hehehe

Tapi, last2 saya dapat siapkan juga laporan tu... Lega betul hati saya, hanya Tuhan yang tahu. Hari Isnin ni saya submit kat pensyarah saya. Report tu perlu dibukukan, jadi hari Isnin tu la siap, terus hantar...hehe

Sebelum saya terlupa, saya mengucapkan Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha to all Muslims and Happy holiday to everyone... Mudah-mudahan kita diberkati dan hidup dalam suasana aman sentiasa... Amin.....

Ni nak cerita ni... Bulan ni saja, ada banyak event tau.... Nak juga saya ceritakan sekarang tapi nanti panjang la pula jadinya.. jadi, saya akan post satu persatu ceritanya, okay.... barulah organnize sikit. Lagipun, duduk rumah ja tak buat apapa, tengok2 kalau ada kerja kosong before sambung study.... banyak time jugalah nak update blog di sini...hehehehe

okay, need togo now.... Nanti2 saya posr... Salam....

Monday, November 16, 2009

Autoshow kat KK Times Square

Wow!!!! HAri Ahad lalu best!!!!!!!!!! Dapat tengok autoshow... tapi yang spoilnya hujan!! huhuhu... jadi, tangkap gmbr pun ckit ja... tu pun adik yang tolong ambikkan,,,, tapi paling banyak gambar....erm...tengok la sendiri... hehehehheheheh


Thursday, November 12, 2009

New Pet!!!!!!

Yesterday is one of my happy moment... I have a new PET!!!! yey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It was a gift from one of the staff at TM. He is so generous for gave me his precious pet. Actually, he also gave it to my friend, Zirah.. Mine is dark brown and her got white one.

It is been so long since my last pet, I have a new one but it just same kind like last one. I just hope the same thing that happen to it will not be the same as my new one...

Ops..........................BLUR MY LANGUAGE???? hahahahahha.... Im also confuse la...... hahahaha

BM je la... hihi.. lagi senang sikit nak cerita.

Umurnya baru lebih kurng 2 bulan. Masih macam budak lagi la.. First2 tengok kan, macam takut2 ja si Darky Sock.. oh ya... tu la nama yang diberi... sebab aku panggil dia Darky sebab bulunya coklat gelap. nak panggil Brownie tapi itu nama pet aku yang mati dulu oleh kuyuk.. tau apa tu kuyuk? itula anjing........ hihihi... orang sini panggil kuyuk... Sock plak sebab di kaki depan sebelah kanannya bulu warna putih macam stokin rupanya... maka terjadilah........ DARKY SOCK.....hihihihihi

Kami ada kucing ba di rumah, si Meow Meow...itu yang aku gelar... yang adik bradik lain lak dorg panggil.. mak pun sama.. hantaam ja la... jangan ja dia ada masalah identiti nanti...huahuahua... Sekali dia tengok, besar matanya bah.... dipikirnya "Tikus apa ni a?? basar jua..."... wow!! tak sangka aku paham bahasa kucing..hihihihihihihi... Dihidu2 ba... Kami takut dia garit(kakai) nanti, cepat2 kami masukkan dalam sangkar... nasib baik la takda apapa.... Tapi lepas kami masukkan, kucing tu di sana2 ja... nda mau lari dari situ.. betul kali difikirnya itu tikus.... huahuahuahua.... last2, aku simpan di bilik (asalnya letak kat ruang tamu ja) for safety..... Mission successfull... Darky selamat......hihihi

Okay la....perasan tak aku belum gitau apa binatangnya??????? hihihihihihihihii

MY NEW PET IS A BUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hehehehehhehe

Monday, November 9, 2009

huhuhuhuh.... Tak lama lagi, aku akan meninggalkan Multimedia College (Sabah). Hari Jumaat ni la my last day di TM Kepayan, tempat aku menjalani praktikal a.k.a tamatlah pengajianku di MMc. memang sedih yang amat sangat la sebab bukan selalu lagi aku dapat jumpa kawan-kawan...huhuhuhu

Yang pasti, aku mesti teruskan perjalanan hidup aku. Mungkin aku akan further study, tengoklah sangkut kat mana. Aku target di MMU, UNIMAS or UMS. yup, tiga U ni ja yang jadi option aku. Aku kena bagitau yang sesiapa yang CGPA 2.5>> dapat tawaran masuk MMU. Dengan result aku yang dikira ok jugalah, InsyaAllah aku dapat tawaran dari U tu. UNIMAS lak salah satu U yang leh transfer credit selain MMU. Lagipun di Sarawak ja. UMS lak, hm~~~Kat situ aku tak leh transfer credit tapi paling dekat la dengan my home. Ye la, mak aku pun taknak aku sambung belajar jauh-jauh. Kalau takda rezeki nak sambung study, cari kerja la jawabnya. paling tak pun, jadi penganggur antarabangsa...hahahahahaha

Sebagai tanda friendship kami yang telah terjalin since 2 1/2 - 3 years ago, ada aku buat satu bingkisan gambar buat kami. It doesn't mean that our relationship must end after we graduate... NO!!!! This is a symbolic of our friendship. I couldn't give them a big amount of money, even a car or house. Just a simple pictures of all of us, shows that even we are not seeing each other anymore, but we know that somewhere...anywhere...we have friends taht we care~~~~

This is the gift......

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Boring Friday


What a boring day...... So, this is how it felt... Live without friends and family. Maybe there are still people around us but we still feel that we are alone..... This is my feeling today.

Syakirah back to her home because she have some emergency.. I don't want to bother her and ask anything about it. Zirah also gone for two days now with her family off vacation.

Now here I am. ALONE... There is nothing happy excited and bright thing to do without them. Oh no!! How am I suppose to comfort myself now... I watch movies that I have but still no excitement.

Okay, sometimes I do like quite time. But not always..... Today.... It just... huh!!! SEe!!! I dont know what else o write here.. Urgh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By the time it's lunch time, I'm gonna eat ALONE... and talk with no one except me.. ONLY me. Am I a weirdo??? Sorry..huhuhuhu
It's not my day today. Feeling this THING makes me nuts.. STRESS!!!!!

I need somebody!!!!!!!!!!!!! huhuhuhuhuhuhhu......... I wanna be cheerful.. Happy and pleasent girl... BUt me just me.. I am not you or anyone else.. Jus me... ALONE~~

Monday, November 2, 2009

Chill Out TM 2009 @ Sabah Pictures!!!!

Okay everyone... Here are the pictures that I'd edited ... Credit to Syakirah for give me those memorable pictures..... yippy!!!!!


My bro and sis also came o support me..huahuahua.. xp



Nubhan Was Here!!!!!!!


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