Thursday, May 6, 2010


Argh!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Geramnyaaaaaa........

It was the first time I take Malaysian University English Test (MUET) and I blew it off!!!! I didn't do enough preparation for it and this is the result... I am so sure that I wouldn't have GOOD RESULT!!! I did checked about MUET, found some good tips and practiced it. Well, unfortunately it wasn't enough. I also don't have guideline for that exam. I just had advised from my family and friends about it...

On the exam day, I felt relax (before the exam).. I got a chance to meet my classmate that take the exam too... I felt great about that.... having a chit chat with friends....trying not to think about what happen next, makes me feel at ease.. BUT!!!! After I seat at the exam hall, my nervous arise.......... i think that I think nothing that time.. Just pray to God that I can pull myself together to answer the questions.... oh yeah, that day was for listening, writing and reading test...... For me, the question was not that hard. However, lack of practiced make it hard!! It's not worth to regret now.....

The speaking test was held on different date. I had the exam YESTERDAY!!!!!!!! I got the tips from my friend who took the exam a day before me, about hoe to prepare for it... Well, I am stage fright actually...also I can get nervous and panic whenever I speak individually to people on some occasion.. even give a speech also makes me shaking.. Guess what??!!! I lost my ideas for individual speaking!!! hahah!! Isn't that funny?? (IT"S NOT!!!).. But for group, I can speak bluntly in English with other candidates... Is it makes me a people who feels great and confident involving myself with surrounding??? (What am I saying just now??? erm....)

Can you imagine????!!

Even here, my grammar and use of words is terrible....... What do you think???????

(My target for this MUET is BAnd 4 by hoping even I did not well in MUET, at least I can get Band 3.. Expecting more makes you hurt even more if it not happen...............(so I think........)

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