Friday, November 19, 2010

My LIFE's GRAPH Increasing!!!!

Firstly, I wish salam Aidiladha to all muslims around the world...

I did mention about my Life's Graph at my older posts, now, it is increasing. Why???

Because....I got offer from University Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS) to further my study there!!! Of course, it's a great news for me. I never expect to get into there despite my last application for that university was decline. 'Never Give Up!!!"....many of my family and friends said that to me, turn out to be a good thing for me. I didn't give up and keep on apply whenever I get a chance.

So now I am preparing myself to go to the university. Some people said that when your age is 21, it is a key to your life. I didn't get it for the first time but now I do. Whether still work at kindergarden or furher my study. It is my dream to further my study there, so, I grab the chance. My mom and other family member also agreed, nothing can stop me now.....InsyaAllah....

Wish me goodluck!!!! That's all folks..... >,<

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