Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My Boring Static Graph of Life...

Do you guys made a graph of your life? Ups and downs, tragedy, happy moment and sort enlisting in the graph....

For now, there are seems my graph just moderate, no change at all... may be a little down a bit but no up!!! I need to spice up my life. I must do something to increase it.

One, look a better job. I want to get job experience as much as I could so perhaps, I can find good enough job.

Two, either the first option or further study. I am working now doesn't mean that I don't want to study anymore. I really wish that I can be one of the degree holders someday~ So, I don't want just sit back, and start to apply any open intake for this December 2010 or January 2011.

Three, I really hope I don't have to use this option, just let things happen just the way it is. Nothing change. Duhhh!!! So not COOL!!!!!

Okay, I hope you all keep success in your life. I am going to make my life better step by step....... Good luck!!!

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